Isaiah 53:6

One True Christ exists to share the Good News message of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible. Whether you are interested in seeking a relationship with God or not, I would encourage you to explore this website with an open mind.

Good News

Find out how you can have a right relationship with God. An in-depth Bible-based Good News message has been written that will give you a clear picture of why we are here, why the world exists today in its present condition, who we are in God’s sight and how you can be set free from sin’s enslavement and ultimate penalty.


Selected resources are provided for growth in the Christian faith whether you are a new or mature believer in Christ. Bibles, commentaries, books and other media are recommended. New discoveries through Creation ministries continue to affirm the truthfulness of Genesis in the Bible. Evolution and false beliefs are also disproved.

Church Information

Get connected with a local independent Baptist or Bible Church.

Good News Booklet

If you would like to make a Good News booklet whose contents contain the Good News message, then read this page carefully to make sure you will be able to complete the project.

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